Work Light/Inspection Light /Floodlight

Work Light/Inspection Light /Floodlight


LED Rechargeable Work Light HL70816

Our cordless, magnetic LED rechargeable work light, model HL70816, is perfect for a range of scenarios. Excellent for vehicle repairs, outdoor exploration, camping, hiking, BBQs, emergency illumination, and pursuits like scavenging, checking, and searching.

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LED Working Light 2000 Lumens HL70701

This light is always ready for an emergency and comes with a phone charger so you can call for help. Although it is not a cheap buy, it will be worthwhile in the long run for assuring road safety. Knowing that I had this work light in the box of emergency supplies in my car would make me feel safer.

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Slim Working Light HL70805

Worklight that is thin If you want a light that can be used indoors and out, the HL70805 is the best choice. less substantial and longer than the HL70805 Small Working Light. Strong, versatile, portable, high lumen, hook-shaped, and 360-degree strong magnet adsorption are very useful in outdoor environments.

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Portable Fold LED Working Light HL71023

Newest Version Portable Fold LED Working Light HL71023, which adds a light bar with a 140° rotation and an anti-slip design to the base of the basic bottom bracket's 200° rotation function. Hence, the handheld examination light is more practical. Moreover, it has a magnetic base with a strong magnet that can stick to any metal surface, allowing it to double as a hands-free work light. Depending on your illumination requirements, you may easily adjust the brightness of the extremely bright COB Worklight's rotary switch from low to a blinding 700 lumens. a nice option for your job light portable.

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Magnetic Workshop Lamp HL71607

This magnetic workshop lamp, model HL71607, is easy to pack into a luggage, car trunk, camping equipment, or survival kit. robust and small-in-size, with a collapsible form that is easy to use in a restricted area.

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Flood Work Light HL70815F

Enhanced portability and durability with a modern design. Rechargeable batteries with a high capacity are included (real 4400mAh capacity, not fictional capacity). Comparing the flood work light HL70815F to other similar work light items, it has the advantages of being brighter, safer, and more energy-efficient. That is without a doubt a lighting item that you ought to own.

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COB Work Light With Tripod Hole HL71027

The COB work lamp with tripod hole was preferred by electricians, homeowners, and garages in 2021 and 2022. (HL71027). Also, we'll continue to offer the best service in 2023. Our rechargeable work lights are suitable for nighttime activities such as illuminating the home, working in garages, mending automobiles, having a barbecue, going camping, etc.

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Portable Mini Slim Foldable Rechargeable COB Work Light

Slim foldable Rechargeable work light

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Portable Outdoor Led Corded camping light 3-Heads rechargeable Led Work Lights with with Telescoping Tripod

* Portable, collapsible design * Quick and easy setup * 0.66m when folded / tripod extends to 1.5m * Powerful 2000 lumens, up to 30m beam * 1.5 to 4.5 hours runtime * 3.7V 4000mAh rechargeable battery * Can be used when plugged into AC mains * Switch & brightness control panel * Battery status indicator * Warm white / cool white light output * Multi-angle rotational light * Detachable light head with hanging hook and magnetic base * Heat sink * Robust aluminium housing * IPX4 Rating Supplied in carry bag. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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