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Wholesale work lights, and warning lights solar LED lights at great prices here.

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Ningbo Brilliant Dragon focuses on quality lights manufacturing, mainly including solar lights, work lights, and warning lights, we also provide functional lights, you can get more ideas from this page, welcome to wholesale work lights warning lights solar led lights here.

Work Lights:
Work lights are portable lighting devices used for illuminating workspaces, such as construction sites, workshops, garages, and outdoor areas. These lights typically use halogen, LED, or fluorescent bulbs and come in various sizes and designs, such as handheld tripod lights , and hanging lights. Work lights are built to be durable and withstand harsh working conditions.

Warning Lights:
Warning lights are used to signal hazards or dangers in various settings, such as roads, construction sites, and emergency situations. These lights use bright, flashing LEDs to grab attention and warn people of potential dangers. Warning lights are available in different co as red, yellow, green, and blue, depending on their intended use. They can be powered by batteries or electricity, and some models are equipped with solar panels to provide self-sustaining power.

Solar LED Lights:
Our solar LED lights are equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs that consume less power and provide bright illumination. Solar LED lights are available in various types, such as garden lights, security lights, and street lights, among others.

For our light products, we have strict quality control to ensure that lamp shops and trading companies can get satisfactory wholesale solar led lights work lights warning lights.

Road Emergency Light


Wholesale Rechargeable LED Traffic Emergency Strobe Light

Wholesale Superflare Set 10 Lamps Sequential Rechargeable LED Hazard Warning Light Traffic Car Emergency Strobe Light Road Safety Light

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6 Pack Hand Box LED Rechargeable Traffic Flash

6-pack Kit Rechargeable Car Emergency Strobe Traffic LED Road Flares Warning Light with Magnetic Base

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Arrow Shape Emergency Warning Lights HL76901

The HL76901 emergency warning lights come in an arrow shape and can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a signal light for junction guards, air traffic control flashlights, traffic control, vehicle indicators, Guide Light Event information, parking attendants, and construction workers.

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LED 8 Pack Sequential Flare HL75011-8A

This Led 8 pack sequential flare HL75011-8A are visible to approaching vehicles from a distance of more than 5000 feet. Simply click once to switch on each light in order to safeguard your loved ones and yourself in case of an emergency. The magnetic base of the discs allows for simple attachment to both the ground and your car. They can withstand being ran over without losing their shine because they are sturdy and waterproof.

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Outdoor Light


Solar Wall Light BSG23045

Our solar wall light BSG23045 is perfect for illuminating pathways, driveways, gardens, yards, aisles, patios, etc. at night. Throughout the day, the solar panel transforms solar energy into electricity and stores it in a rechargeable battery. The length of lighting is influenced by sunlight exposure, installation location, weather, and daylight hours.

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Solar Lights Outdoor BSG23002

The BSG23002 outdoor solar lights feature two modes (warm white & cool white). It contains four fitted LED lamp beads. LED post lights are able to meld with a range of design styles because to their sleek, modern lines and ornamental accents.

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Solar Lawn Light BSG24013

These solar lawn lights (BSG24013), which have great brightness and four, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, or twenty LED lights, may provide a lovely glow along curved garden paths and make a stunning garden adornment.

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Solar Garden Light BSG21021

Our solar garden light BSG21021 uses high-power LED lamp beads and high transmittance lampshades, which makes it brighter than normal solar path lights. Using yard lights will extend your evenings. Be prepared for praise from your neighbors! Observe: The tubes include spikes.

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LED Light


LED Rechargeable Work Light HL70816

Our cordless, magnetic LED rechargeable work light, model HL70816, is perfect for a range of scenarios. Excellent for vehicle repairs, outdoor exploration, camping, hiking, BBQs, emergency illumination, and pursuits like scavenging, checking, and searching.

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LED Working Light 2000 Lumens HL70701

This light is always ready for an emergency and comes with a phone charger so you can call for help. Although it is not a cheap buy, it will be worthwhile in the long run for assuring road safety. Knowing that I had this work light in the box of emergency supplies in my car would make me feel safer.

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XHP90 2500Lumen High Power Flashlight HL73001

The upgraded Super light collecting LED wick in this rechargeable flashlight produces a maximum output of 2500 lumens and has a maximum irradiation range of 5000 feet (1500 meters). Therefore, compared to standard led flashlights, high lumen flashlights are 10 times brighter.

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XHP70 2000Lumen Zooming Torch HL73002

The illumination range of a strong beam produced by a super bright 2000 lumen (max) LED flashlight is greater than 3280 feet/1000 meters (spotlight mode). More than 12 hours are covered by the battery. is changeable in three different ways: high, low, and strobe (Flash). To get through the night, we don't require much more than this XHP70 2000lumen zooming flashlight HL73002.

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