Camping Light/Tent Light

Camping Light/Tent Light


Solar Camping Light HL81010

There are three different ways to power this camping lamp. The solar lantern includes an inbuilt battery that may be powered by a solar panel, three AA batteries, or the USB cord that is provided (AA batteries are not included). You won't ever have to worry about your LED lantern's batteries dying.

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LED Camping Light HL81049

The 3-in-1 lantern can let you shine some light on your journey. This versatile lantern is a durable and simple to use piece of LED technology. Because it is portable, lightweight, and has a stylish black finish, this utility light is the perfect addition to your camping or survival supplies. With a remarkably compact design, this three-in-one lantern combines the functions of a lantern, flashlight, and task light. The switch can be used to turn on the lantern's cool, bright white light. Your journey will be illuminated by the 3-in-1 lantern!

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COB Headlamp HL83722

This three-LED headlight has a battery within. There are 5000 high-lumen headlights illuminating the darkness in front of you. It features a USB charger, lengthy standby time, and 3.5 hours of battery life. There is no need to spend extra money on batteries.

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Camping Lighting HL81046

The rechargeable lantern is fantastic to carry around because it is small, light, adorable, and highly useful. This item could be hung inside the tent or on any tree branch because the foldable hooks are exposed on all sides. If you want to upgrade your outdoor survival gear and camping supplies, this camp lantern is the way to go!

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Camping Light Battery HL81047

The impact-resistant and premium coating of the HL81047 camping light battery makes it ideal for patio, outdoor, camping, emergency illumination, power outages, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather-related scenarios. It is also lightweight and portable. Additionally suitable for landscaping driveways, lawns, and pathways.

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Camping Lanterns HL81056

The large floodlight and adjustable brightness and color temperature of the HL81056 portable camping lanterns can produce the necessary light in a range of circumstances. Dual power sources that use both batteries and solar energy are more useful, environmentally beneficial, and capable of serving as a portable power source. Because it can be used for outdoor camping, picnics, fishing, emergency lighting, etc., it makes a fantastic companion for your outside activities.

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Camping Lamps HL81041

Our camp tent lights can also be used as battery-operated night lights, lovely inside lights, ornamental indoor lights, and as an efficient handy aid while you're working, studying, or reading a book just before you go to bed! the perfect gift for those you care about.

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Multifunctional Tungsten Filament Lamp LED Sources USB Rechargeable Camping Lantern Tent Hanging Lights

Portable Waterproof Outdoor Power Bank Rechargeable Emergency Camping Light Lantern

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