Headlamp Rechargeable HL84430
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led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
  • led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
  • led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
  • led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
  • led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps
  • led rechargeable headlamp light, led rechargeable headlamps

Headlamp Rechargeable HL84430

Each component of the HL84430 rechargeable headlamp is strong, emits a lot of sidelight, has high lumens of dark destructive energy for a clear view, and is bright enough to illuminate a huge area. may, even in total darkness, clearly illuminate the vicinity. may easily illuminate a mountain, a road, or even an entire tent.

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Our LED Rechargeable Headlamp is a powerful and versatile lighting solution designed to meet the needs of individuals engaged in outdoor activities, professional work, and emergency situations. With a rechargeable battery, high-intensity LEDs, and multiple lighting modes, this headlamp provides hands-free illumination that can be adjusted for various scenarios. 
led rechargeable headlamp light

Each HL84430 rechargeable headlamp part is robust, has high lumens of dark destructive force that give off a clear view, plenty of sidelights, and is bright enough to illuminate a sizable area. can illuminate nearby areas even in complete darkness. may readily illuminate a road, a mountain, or even a complete tent.

The features of the led headlamp rechargeable light

Motion Sensor Function: As compared to other night buddy headlights, our headlamp adds a brand-new, distinctive feature that uses a wave sensor to control the light switch. Most of the time, we will find it inconvenient to use the headlight switch for purposes like running, repairing, and so on. Fortunately, the motion sensor feature can properly assist us in resolving it.

Extremely Bright & Long-Lasting: The 350-lumen maximum brightness and 230° wide-angle of the led headlamp flashlight easily illuminate a whole tent, room, and road even in complete darkness; The headlamp's integrated rechargeable li-ion battery allows it to operate continuously for up to 8 hours (XPE40% mode).

The head torch is rated IPX4 waterproof and has five modes. The premium shell is more tightly sealed and leak-proof, making it appropriate for use indoors or outside, in rain or snow. To accommodate your diverse needs, this rechargeable led headlamp features 5 lighting modes. COB Flashlight: 100% COB, 40% COB, 100% XPE, 40% XPE, and 100% COB.

Gift for Dad That Is Useful Both Within and Outside: Whether you are hiking, camping, or mountaineering, switching to a headlamp can make your life easier and keep other people's eyes safe. Also, it is a wonderful gift for your loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc.

Buy with confidence and receive exceptional value from us because we offer lifetime technical assistance and a year of quality assurance. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions; we'll give you prompt, effective answers. Add now to your shopping cart!


  1. High-Intensity LED Technology: Utilizes advanced high-intensity LEDs to deliver bright and uniform illumination.
  2. Multiple Lighting Modes: Provides various lighting modes, including adjustable brightness and different beam patterns (spotlight and floodlight).
  3. Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable battery for convenient and eco-friendly operation.
  4. Hands-Free Operation: Designed to be worn on the head, allowing you to keep both hands free for tasks.
  5. Adjustable Headband: Features a comfortable and adjustable headband for a secure fit during prolonged use.
  6. Tilt Function: Allows you to tilt the headlamp to adjust the beam angle for precise lighting.
  7. Water-Resistant Design: Suitable for use in wet conditions, making it ideal for outdoor activities.
  8. Lightweight and Compact: The headlamp is lightweight and easy to carry, even in a backpack or tool bag.

Product Advantages:

  • Hands-Free Lighting: Ideal for activities that require both hands to be free, such as camping, hiking, fishing, and home repairs.
  • High-Intensity Illumination: High-powered LEDs ensure clear visibility, reducing eye strain and improving safety.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Eliminates the need for disposable batteries, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Adjustable Beam: Customize the beam pattern to suit the specific task or environment.
  • Comfortable Wear: The adjustable headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit during extended use.


The LED Rechargeable Headlamp is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Camping and Hiking: Provide essential lighting for navigating trails, setting up camp, and performing campsite tasks.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Enhance visibility during activities such as night fishing, wildlife tracking, and spelunking.
  • Professional Work: Ideal for professionals in fields like construction, mining, search and rescue, and more.
  • Home Repairs: Free up your hands for home improvement and DIY projects, even in dark or confined spaces.
  • Running and Biking: Ensure safety and visibility during nighttime runs, bike rides, and other outdoor activities.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Have a reliable and portable light source for power outages and emergencies.

Product Specifications:

Feature Specification
LED Type High-intensity LEDs
Lighting Modes Adjustable brightness, different beam patterns (spotlight and floodlight)
Power Source Rechargeable battery
Construction Water-resistant design
Beam Angle Adjustment Tilt function
Weight Varies based on specifications
Dimensions Varies based on specifications
Battery Life Extended usage between charges
Control Interface User-friendly controls

Elevate your visibility and convenience with our LED Rechargeable Headlamp, a versatile lighting solution tailored to meet various demands. Customize the specifications to match your specific needs and enjoy the ease and efficiency of hands-free illumination.

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