Night Light/Sensor Light/Cabient Light

Night Light/Sensor Light/Cabient Light


LED Inductive Night Light BPL39328

To preserve battery life, the LED inductive night light BPL39328 automatically turns on within 10 feet and at an angle of 120°, and it also automatically switches off after 25 seconds if there is no movement detected.

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LED Night Light BPL38406

Lighting is the most important aspect of a home because it not only helps with visibility but also sets the perfect mood. The brightness of each closet push light on these battery-operated puck lights with remote controls may reach 80 lumens. Using a 3 AA battery, our bedroom's stick-on wall lights are powered (not included). The 100-hour battery run time is four times greater than equivalent tap lights available on the market that use three AAA batteries.

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Desk Reading Light BPL34803

45 double color temperature lamp beads for a desk lamp, model number BPL34803. Eye-safety-preserving, energy-efficient. It has no flicker or glare and generates a soft light that brightens the space while shielding your eyes, making it perfect for reading and learning. Modern and conventional lighting that is soft, stable, and non-flickering helps preserve your eyes and lessen eye fatigue at work. Multipurpose nightlights will enhance your life and guard your night.

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LED Sensor Light BPL39341

Motion-activated closet lights use a built-in PIR infrared motion detector with a 120-degree detection angle. Battery-operated ceiling light that detects motion up to 20 feet distant instantly turns on.

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Motion Sensor Light BPL39340

Whether the situation—pantry, closet, wardrobe, under counter, or hallway—you need to increase your visibility. The BPL39340 motion sensor light is a simple DIY option that will quickly improve the appearance of your house.

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Party Lighting BPL33606

Party lighting BPL33606 uses 32-color LED lamp beads, a high-sensitivity microphone, and a noise-cancelling feature in addition to having no less than 8 display modes. The 18 color modes, 5 speed levels, and 4 brightness settings each have their own controls. Appreciate the dynamic ways in which rhythm and melody can be expressed.

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Room Decor Light BPL39411

The simple style and distinctive geometric pattern not only illuminate but also embellish your home. Free splicing combination makes it simple to combine with another product to build the ideal internal structure for you by joining pieces. widely utilized; can be used in a hotel, restaurant, living room, bedroom, study, etc.

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