Warning light/Strobe light/Traffic light

Warning light/Strobe light/Traffic light


Wholesale Rechargeable LED Traffic Emergency Strobe Light

Wholesale Superflare Set 10 Lamps Sequential Rechargeable LED Hazard Warning Light Traffic Car Emergency Strobe Light Road Safety Light

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6 Pack Hand Box LED Rechargeable Traffic Flash

6-pack Kit Rechargeable Car Emergency Strobe Traffic LED Road Flares Warning Light with Magnetic Base

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Arrow Shape Emergency Warning Lights HL76901

The HL76901 emergency warning lights come in an arrow shape and can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a signal light for junction guards, air traffic control flashlights, traffic control, vehicle indicators, Guide Light Event information, parking attendants, and construction workers.

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LED 8 Pack Sequential Flare HL75011-8A

This Led 8 pack sequential flare HL75011-8A are visible to approaching vehicles from a distance of more than 5000 feet. Simply click once to switch on each light in order to safeguard your loved ones and yourself in case of an emergency. The magnetic base of the discs allows for simple attachment to both the ground and your car. They can withstand being ran over without losing their shine because they are sturdy and waterproof.

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V16 LED Caution Light HL75086

The V16 led caution light HL75086 with Storage Bag is an excellent emergency pack to keep in the trunk of their cars for roadside emergencies and distress situations, and it's great for dividing up among family members. AAA batteries are suggested for these LED flare lights (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED).

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Tire Shape LED Road Safety Light HL75505

On winter highways and country roads, the shockproof and water-resistant Tire shape led road safety light HL75505 is excellent. It's also great for car breakdowns or being stuck in the dark so other drivers know you're there.

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Solar Traffic Light With Clip HL76603

The solar traffic light with clip HL76603 for fixing to cones is a fantastic alternative because it has a high-brightness LED technology and good and simple installation. shades of red and yellow. Excellent tool for advertising construction zones, closures of certain roads, detours, and/or other areas where it is crucial to notify other drivers.

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LED Warning Light HL75011-6A

The HL75011-6A variant of the led warning light kit is the best alternative for a safe, cost-effective substitute for a fire flare. Keep these durable safety flares in your car, boat, bike, or bag as a backup emergency warning device. a thoughtful gift that will keep loved ones safe while outdoor activities and in traffic.

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LED Warning Baton HL76161

As an indicator, use the HL76161 hand-held LED warning baton from our parking or other traffic control product range. They can also be used for tasks including traffic control, emergency alerts, parking guidance, and work crews.

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LED Beacon With Magnet Base HL7578

The HL7578 LED beacon with a magnet base can be mounted in two different ways. The five strong magnets at the base of this LED strobe light make it easy to place it to any vehicle's metal top. Or, use screws to mount anything securely.

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12V 24W Car Warning Light HL76728

You can choose between the warning light and the emergency light depending on where your car is. Also, this LED warning light can be used in bad weather conditions as muddy winds, rain, snow, and fog. Emergency lighting should be strong and reliable. You can select it based on your preferences for alert, crime prevention, alert, emergency light, etc.

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6 Pack LED Strobe Light HL7502A

In the event of a car breakdown, the six-pack of HL7502A led strobe lights is designed to function with emergency triangles. features 6 lights and a USB charger. It is so incredibly strong that it won't even shatter if a car drives over it. This will let drivers of cars up to a kilometer distant to notice you and avoid crashes with the damaged car. Thanks to the 360-degree visibility of the lights, the area is secured until roadside assistance arrives.

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